Regional Captains 2023

Name: Sam Menteith

Region: Far North QLD (Townsville - as of Dec)

Sport: Triathlon

Perfect Saturday morning training:  Must consist of a long ride on the TT and preferably incorporating some hills, and ideally always with friends. Then followed by a run off (program dependant), great coffee and chats with friends.

Instagram: @sammenteith

Name: Alison Jennings

Region: Sunshine Coast

Sport: Triathlon 

Perfect Saturday Morning: I like to start Saturday at my local Parkrun with some of my tribe followed by a swim at Mooloolaba Spit and of course, coffee.

Instagram: @alisonj24

Name: Michelle Vanderveer

Region: Brisbane (Windsor)

Sport: Triathlon, Trail running, Hiking

Perfect Saturday morning: up early for a Ride and/or Run then followed with a coffee and then a shop at the local markets for the weeks fresh Fruit and Veg topped off by breakfast!

Instagram: @shellyvander

Name: Caroline or AKA Wozza,

Sport: Triathlon and Running 

Region: Gold Coast (from Sydney, emigrated from Scotland)

Work Life: I made my passion/obsession with sport, triathlon and exercise my career by retraining as a personal trainer and coach. I now get to spend my days helping and coaching other people through lifestyle changes. Coaching someone to be able to do something that they never thought possible, is a very special experience and I love what I do.

Instagram: @caroline_wozza

Name: Shelley Casey

Region: North/East/Inner West Sydney (Lewisham)

Sport: Triathlon

Perfect Saturday morning: a ride with mates through the national park w coffee OR a cruisey bay run w coffee OR manly to shelly swim followed by COFFEE!

Instagram: @shelleycasey1

Name: Jo Lum 

Region: Western Sydney (Hills District) 

Sport: Triathlon, social cycling, outdoors anything

Something you don't know about me: I was a dancer for 17 years, my favourite was tap dancing and in my late teens aspired to be a tap teacher! Also I love coffee... hahaha jks, everyone knows that about me!

Instagram: @jomumlum

Name: Nicole Mills

Region: ACT/South Coast, NSW

Sport: Triathlon (but snow skiing used to be where you would find me every weekend in winter)

Fun Fact: Around 8 years ago I tore the ACL and meniscus in my knee when I was skiing in Japan. After surgery I was lying in hospital and decided I needed to set a big goal to keep me motivated for the recovery and opted for a marathon.  I achieved it 1 year later and not long afterwards an interest in triathlon started.

Instagram: @kiddo173

Name: Justine Quilty

Region: Country NSW/VIC (Albury, NSW)

Sport: I am a recreational hack of a triathlete. I love running and riding (despise swimming),

Perfect training day: A bike ride with my girl gang, ideally finishing at a winery where our husbands would come collect us!!! If not riding, a trail run with my best running mate, followed by some hot chippies and perhaps a sneaky beer....

Instagram: @juzzy_q_


Name: Heike Motzek

Region: Westen Australia (Fremantle)

Sport: Triathlon

Something people don’t know about me: I have literally reached for the stars and touched the moon. There is a piece of it at Mission Control in Houston, Texas.



Name:  Jade Ingram

Region: SA (Adelaide - just relocated)

Sport: Triathlon and cycling (road and off road).

Hobbies: Equestrian. I also compete in dressage

Instagram: @jas2137


 Name: Alana Park

Sport: Triathlon

Region: VIC (Torquay)

Perfect Saturday Morning: Group ride with my Beckworth Racing training squad along the Great Ocean Road, a easy run off the bike, followed by a frolick/cool down in in the ocean as we drink our coffee. Quick cuddle and play with my border collie Zelda, recovery lunch and hydration, before heading out to ride my horse Bundy - we compete in eventing which is the horse version of triathlon! Saturday arvo is for beach time, relaxing with Zelda and putting the legs up in preparation for Sundays activities! 

Instagram: @alanajade6

Name: Allyssa Bernhardt

Region: USA East Coast (Virginia) — Soon to be Hawaii!

Sport: Triathlon 

Hobby: Horseback riding. My first love is 3-day eventing but these days I’m working with horses in for training and/or being started under saddle.


Instagram: @pineapple_lyss


Name: Susan 

Region: Midwest, USA

Sport: Triathlon

Fun Fact: I didn't know how to swim until I was 40 and did an Ironman at 45

Instagram: @mslyons7207

Name: Carissa Chambers

Region: South East, USA (Tennessee)

Sport: Triathlon

Your Work Life: I love my career as an optometric physician! My business partner and I run a small private practice eye clinic where we get to be a big part of our local community. When not checking eyeballs,  sped my time guiding others in their triathlon journey as a triathlon coach!

Instagram: @cchambers_od



Name: Courtney Hughes 

Region: West Coast (San Diego) 

Sport: Triathlon + trail running, olympic lifting, hiking/long distance fast packing

Something people might not know: Before i fell in love with triathlons I was a competitive bodybuilder. Odd fact: I have a mini fridge filled solely with different kinds of pickles. 

Instagram: @courtneyhugs


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