Custom Rashies


With over 15 years experience working with surf clubs and swim centres, our range of custom made rashies are tried and tested to last the distance. We also know sun protection is important so all our rashies, whether they're surf rashies or instructor rashies are made with UPF 50+ rate fabrics. 


As we make all our rashies in Australia, we can offer low minimum order quantities, and short lead times. We can turn around custom swimwear in 4-6 weeks, and our minimums are 20 units per style, 2 per size. 


As all the garments we make as completely custom made to order, it's tricky to provide pricing before we know what you want. So get in touch with us with information about what you're after, and we can quote on your specific design. 


Find out more about decoration options and our artwork & design service


Send us an email or complete our design brief form and we will come back to you with a quote. You can also call us on 02 9999 4993


 Rashies FAQ's

What’s the difference between tight fit and loose fit?

Our loose fit rashies are oversize and designed with comfort in mind. They are ideal for swim instructors, or any use where you are fitting a wide range of different sized people. All our rashies are unisex, but the loose fit rashies are designed to be a loose fit for the equivalent men’s size.

Our tight fit rashies are more like a surf rashie, tight fitted for activity like surfing or swimming. They are tapered at the hip to fit firm. These are also unisex but are a firm fitted design so there is minimal drag when you are swimming or surfing.


How long are your short sleeve rashie sleeves?

As our rashies are designed to be sun safe, the sleeve length on the short sleeve rashie is designed to finish above the elbow. Of course, everyone is different, so they will be slightly longer on people who have short arms, and shorter on those who have long arms.


What’s the difference between lycra, chlorine and performance fabrics?

As there is a wide range of activities and uses for our rashies we have three fabrics to choose from.

Extra Life Lycra

Made with: spandex, it is stretchy, smooth to touch and as a result of this can have a shiny finish.

Feels like: Smooth to touch

Ideal for: Rashies to be used in the ocean – not recommended for chlorine pools, use in chlorine pools can cause premature wear.

Eco option: Yes – but keep in mind the recycled lycra is thicker and does not have as much stretch, as a result of this is tends to be more durable.

Fit: There are two options for this, recycled (firmer fit) or standard (more stretch)


Chlorine Proof (Aquamax)

Made with: polyester base this makes it a durable option when exposed to harsh chemicals like chlorine

Feels like: Rougher matt finish  

Ideal for: Rashies to be used in chlorine pools – not recommended for surf as the rough finish when combined with salt can cause chaffing

Eco option: Yes

Fit: limited stretch so can make for a firmer fit


Performance surf

Made with: Spandex/poly with a ribbed finish

Feels like: Buttery soft fabric

Ideal for: Rashies to be worn doing activity in or near the ocean due to the stretchy fabric that moves with you and silky finish eliminating opportunity for chaffing

Eco option: Not currently available in this fabric due to the specific nature of it  

Fit: standard – stretchy fabric moves with you


What's the difference in decoration styles?


Ideal for: garments with more than 2 logos, or multi coloured logos

Sublimation uses high heat & pressure to sublimate inks into fabric. The design, logos and colours are all applied at the very first step of the manufacture process. All designs are done digitally, so there is unlimited designs, colours and logos for no additional costs. Which makes it a great option for garments that need to be a specific colour as colours can be matched, or for multi coloured logos, or for all over designs. There is no limit to what can be done with sublimation.

Screen print

Ideal for: garments with a single colour logo or 1-2 logos in the garment

Screen printing uses physical screens and special stretch inks to add a logo to an existing garment. This is a cost effective way to add a single colour logo to existing garments. Multi coloured logos are possible to screen print, but as a new screen needs to be made to apply each colour, this can be an expensive exercise. We use specialised stretch inks so there is no cracking or peeling.