New Kit Design

Embarking on the journey of designing new club kit can be overwhelming. Don't worry, we've been doing this for decades and we're excited to make this process as easy as possible for you. There are a few steps but this page will give you an overview, and the step by step process.

Step 1: Decide on a supplier

Of course, you should go with us! But we know this is a huge decision and you're going to need more information before you trust us with this project. A few things you might need upfront:

Is our pricing competitive?

We pride ourselves on offering great quality gear at a competitive price. We also understand the needs, budget and performance level for everyone is different so we offer low minimums (but at a higher price), and competitive pricing for common volumes usually at 20+ but this is garment specific. We have our range of stock and sublimated garments at indicative prices.

Get in touch with your needs and budget and if we can match it we will.

Do we offer the styles you're after?

Most likely (unless you're after something pretty specialist like a mankini). We have a range of styles available to browse on our website but this is our core range so if you don't see something you're after, just get in touch.

Check out our range or get in touch with your question.

What is our lead time?

Lead times vary from 2 weeks to 8 weeks. 

All custom made sublimated garments take 6-8 weeks to manufacture. NOTE: This does not include design time. 

Our express service offers a quick turnaround for off the shelf apparel. This is a 1-2 week lead time. 

All our lead times are quoted from payment and production order signed off. 

What are our minimum orders?

Different styles attract different minimum order quantities. We do our best to provide the lowest minimums possible to allow every club or team to have access to great uniforms and merch. We have some items that have a minimum of 1 unit, others that start as low as 2 unit minimum. Many items attract a better price at 10 unit minimum or 20 unit minimum. 

Breakdown of Minimums below. We have no maximums, but prices get better at 2, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500,1000. 

Rashies - MOQ 2 units `

Swimwear - MOQ 2 units 

Triathlon Suits - MOQ 1 unit 

Cycle Kit - MOQ 2 units for entry level, MOQ 6 units for performance styles 

Activewear - MOQ 2 units 

Run tees and singlets - MOQ 10 units

Uniform Essentials - MOQ 10 units  

Express Service - MOQ 10 units across items from the same supplier 


What do other people think of us?

Obviously we're going to tell you we're wonderful but you can see some testimonials, reviews on our site. But also, ask around, we're confident in our reputation in the custom made sportswear space - we've been around for over 20 years so we must be doing something right!

Step 2: Design

You chose us! Yay! Thank you for trusting us to deliver your new team kit and uniforms. Next step is to bring your design to life! We have a couple of ways we work with you on design:

You have a design ready!

Amazing, send it through to us and we can provide a quote on the work required to get it print ready - this is often free (part of the standard sub set up cost) but sometimes there is more intricate work required.

Got a vector file? Then we'll most likely be able to convert this easily.

Just want something simple - a colour with my logo. Great send us your logo in a vector format.

Choose from some pre-made options.

This is a really cost effective way to get a new design for your team, (it's also free and just included in your set up fee). We can do any of the design in your colours, and when we get your brief we often add in a few other options that aren't on the site. We don't want everyone to look the same!

Check out the pre-made designs

You have a vision and need it brought to life

Great! We have graphic designers in house as well as great partnerships with designers and we love working with teams to create amazing bespoke kit.

Read more about bespoke design options and pricing

What's a Vector??

Designing and getting your design onto a garment is a little more complex than first meets the eye, however, with the right artwork file we can achieve amazing things together!

What we really need is a Vector File.

What is a Vector File?

A vector file is a type of computer graphic that is based on mathematical expressions rather than pixels. Unlike raster images, which are composed of a grid of individual pixels, vector files use mathematical equations to define shapes, lines, and colors. This allows vector graphics to be scaled to any size without losing quality, making them ideal for logos, illustrations, and other graphics where scalability is important.

Common vector file formats include:

  1. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics): A widely used XML-based vector image format that is supported by most web browsers.

  2. AI (Adobe Illustrator): Adobe Illustrator's native file format, which can contain vector graphics, including paths, shapes, and text.

  3. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript): A versatile vector file format often used for print graphics and page layouts.

  4. PDF (Portable Document Format): While PDFs can also contain raster images, they can include vector elements, making them suitable for both print and digital distribution.

Important to note, that just renaming your file with any of these file types does not make it a vector. To convert a raster (or flat image file) into a vector it must be redrawn. We offer this service, but it is time consuming so there is a charge. Once we have done this for you, we will send you the vector formats so you have this file type for any future needs. 

Sublimation & Vector Files

Sublimation is a printing process commonly used for creating vibrant and long-lasting images on various substrates, such as apparel, ceramics, and promotional items. When it comes to sublimation printing, vector files are preferred for several reasons:

  1. Scalability without loss of quality: Vector files are resolution-independent, meaning they can be scaled to any size without losing quality. This is crucial in sublimation, where the printing process involves transferring ink onto a substrate by turning it into a gas and then solidifying it. Vector graphics ensure that the image remains crisp and clear regardless of the size of the final print.

  2. Smooth and precise lines: Vector files define shapes using mathematical equations, resulting in smooth, clean lines. This precision is essential for sublimation, especially when intricate designs, logos, or text need to be accurately reproduced.

  3. Color consistency: Vector files often contain information about the colors used in the design, usually in the form of Pantone or CMYK values. This ensures consistent color reproduction during the sublimation process, helping to maintain the integrity of the intended design.

  4. Editable components: Vector files are easily editable, allowing designers to make adjustments to the design elements, colors, and shapes as needed. This flexibility is valuable in the sublimation process, where customization is often required for different substrates and client preferences.

  5. Layer support: Vector file formats, such as AI (Adobe Illustrator), often support layers. Layers allow for the organization of different elements within the design, making it easier to manage and modify specific parts of the image without affecting others.

In summary, using vector files in sublimation printing ensures that the final output is of high quality, scalable, and easily customizable, this means we can deliver a high quality garment to you from the fabric to the design and print.

Do you need help with vector files? Get in touch and we can help out. 

Step 3: Choose the Garments

We have a range of styles and we love to be a one stop shop for you - make it easy with only one person to deal with. So check out our whole range and we can put your design on a full collection.

You can browse our custom collections on our main menu by category.

Step 4: Size up the crew

We're almost there! All you need to do is get the sizes you need and place your order. We have a couple of ways we help with this:

Size Charts

Size charts

Not sure what size you are? It's very important to us that you get in the right size. No one wins if you end up with something too big or too small. Here is a helpful size chart for you. All measurements are in centimetres (cm) or kilograms (kg) unless specified. Unisex sizing is based on men's sizing where a garment is designated as Unisex.

Women's Size Guide
Size XXS/W6 XS/W8 S/W10 M/W12 L/W14 XL/W16 2XL/W18
Height 140-155 150-165 155-166 165-178 165-177 175-185 180-190
Weight 40-50 45-55 48-61 57-70 63-92 75-95 85-105
Chest 65-75 75-85 78-90 82-94 90-107 100-110 105-120
Waist 45-55 55-65 3-78 67-80 80-100 80-85 95-110

Unisex & Men's Size Guide
Height 147-161 155-170 165-178 172-187 175-193 180-198 185-204
Weight 51-65 64-68 57-71 70-83 81-100 84-103 86-106
Chest 76-86 80-90 83-96 92-104 100-115 103-118 106-121
Waist 64-76 67-80 70-84 80-92 87-104 89-107 101-110

Kid's Sizing
Size 4 6 8 10 12 14
Height 105-115 115-125 125-135 135-145 145-155 155-165
Chest 52-55 55-57 57-59 59-61 61-63 63-65
Waist 45-48 48-51 51-53 54-57 57-60 60-63

We strongly recommend club's get samples as items are custom made so cannot be returned or refunded if you got the wrong size. We can facilitate exchanges if we host a club room, only if the item you wish to exchange is in stock.

Still not sure? You can email us and we’ll be happy to help you out or  you can book in a 15 minute phone size consult.

NOTE: this is a general guide. If this information is different to the information on a particular product you are looking at, use the information from the particular product you want to purchase. Also note any size notes on the specific item you are looking at. 


We have a range of samples available for clubs or individual members can order.

Check out our full sample collection.

Size Consult

You can email us and we’ll be happy to help you out or  you can book in a 15 minute phone size consult.

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