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Epic Hills Routes to inspire you

Epic Hills Routes to inspire you

Cycle to the Sun - Maui, HI
Distance: 36 miles (58km), 10,023 feet (3055m) elevation
Difficulty: Extreme terrain with frequent steep hills and long sustained climb and altitude
Starting in the town of Paía, the ride climbs over 3000 metres over 58kms and reaches gradients up to 18% to reach the summit at the Haleakala Volcano, above the clouds. 

Weather: Varied. While you can be lucky and get a clear day, it's more likely that from about 9:30am Haleakala will wear it's cloud crown. It can be a huge range of conditions at the top, from wind, chill even snow. The cloud line usually starts at 5000-6000ft. 6000ft is about 21miles into your ride.  This cloud and rain line seems to form about 9:30am, so it's likely you will be riding the last third above the clouds.

Gear: We recommend a lightweight jersey and super comfy bibs. Plus a vest or lightweight jacket if you're descending. 

This is a bucket list route with a wide range of terrain from sea level 3000m finishing at the volcano crater. Featuring switch backs, mixed road surfaces and absolutely beautiful views. Bonus fun descent if you love the down. 

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