Pre-orders and Club Rooms

A club room is an online web shop for your club gear. The main benefit of a club room is that we take on the inventory management, taking orders, dealing with payment and sizing enquiries, on behalf of your club.

The club room is an online portal for your club managed by us here at Catfish. We work with your club to determine pricing, styles, design, Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) and shipping. The Club Room can be set up as a pre-order, or the club can place an order with us and we manage & store all the stock on your behalf, or a combination of both.

Once you decide on the design and styles you want to offer we create collection for your club displaying all available items. Once this page is created and live, we send you a link to check all the information before you send the link around to your members to start ordering. 

There are costs associated with hosting club rooms and pre-orders. Get in touch for more information 

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