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Cairns Wrap Up

Cairns Wrap Up

After a successful trip to Cairns, we caught up with our athletes who competed to find out what their favourite parts of the trip was - from a race perspective as well as the trip as a whole. There is nothing better to see a community come together, supporting, uplifting and competing with a smile on their faces. 



Natasha Barlow

Favourite part of race: the swim was beautiful and flat, and watching the sunrise as we were swimming 

Fav part of the trip (as a local): getting to meet everyone who came to Cairns from Catfish!! And the support from Catfish people during the race 😌


Allyssa Bernhardt 

Favorite part of the race: Definitely the Catfish Cheer Squad! I was on the struggle bus for that run — but Lana, Andy, Carissa, Paul, and who ever else was in there (I can’t recall) gave me a much needed boost every pass. I don’t think I would have faired nearly as well without their contagious energy.

Favorite part of the trip: Definitely meeting the Catfish Crew and Team. Having followed most of the team for several years now it felt like I had known them forever. The connections were effortless and I feel so fortunate to be apart of such an amazing community. 


Ali Bethune

Fav part of the race: swim and bike - the conditions were awesome for Cairns and then being on the run seeing the other catfish athletes and cheering each other on.

Fav part of the weekend: meeting everyone - how awesome to meet our US crew.  This was followed by my husband and kids surprising me just prior to the swim start to support me for the day.  


Team Catfish in Cahoots 

Paul Finch

Favorite part of the race: Coming down the backside of Rex lookout on the way out was fun

Favorite part of the trip: So hard to pick one out - probably snorkeling the reef of Cape Trib has to be near the top 

Carissa Chambers

My favorite part of the race and the trip were the same thing - getting to meet and see so many fellow Catfish athletes both on course as well as in social settings.

For race specific, I loved how scenic and fast the run course was with the perfect weather we had. Really made for an all around amazing experience. 



Jacki McCartt

Favorite part of the trip: I really enjoyed the Beauty of this race. The course is absolutely breath taking. From the swim course to the bike course. The run course was full of energy and man opportunities to see the water and the coastline.  Very cool!  It was also very cool seeing all the catfish suits  the team kits this year are the best  they photograph extremely well! 

Favorite part of the race: The bike is always my favorite part of the course so this was an extra treat to be able to experience the views of Captain Cook Hwy from a bike  


Sam Menteith

Favourite part of the race

Gosh, this is a tough one. This race had such an emotional significance for me, so there were many favorites throughout the race. I have two equal favourite parts of the race: The first was when I was standing on the beach just prior to the starting hun going off. I had a wave of calmness and confidence flush over me. It was at that point that I knew that my dad was with me and I felt his presence throughout the day, encouraging and supporting me. The second favourite part was running down the chute and finishing. Hearing my name being called out from friends solidified that I didn’t do this on my own and have a wonderful group of friends. Once I finished I broke down as all my grief from the last few months came flooding in at once. This race was for dad. I knew that I had done him proud.

Favourite part of the trip (this can be non race related)

My favourite part of the trip was catching up with friends and meeting some of the Catfish Athletes face to face, of whom I’ve chatted to for the last few years.


Heike Motzek

Favourite part of the race: Finishing! I did this on no training whatsoever so it was a real win.

But the very, very favourite bit was where I realised that Lana, Alyssa and Carissa were at the finisher chute, waiting and cheering and givving me high 5s as I sprinted in. As a person who often travels solo and attends events alone, this means the world to me!!






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