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  • Recommend posting 30% i.e. every 3rd post should feature catfish
  • Tag us in your stories and posts so we can share
    • #catfishathleteapparel
    • #igniteyourpassion
    • #catfishathlete2023
  • NOTE: we will preference current and publicly available posts to share (i.e. athlete kit isn’t available to the public so we won’t share that as much as recent prints)
  • Be active on our facebook page – we want you to share your journey, training, ups and downs, use the group to ask questions about anything from nutrition to strength training or dabbling in other sports, getting an idea on new events.
  • Tagging and/or promoting other brands
    • Make us aware/get the okay from us so there is no surprises on our end
    • We ask that you DO NOT tag other brands that you are not aligned with and that is in direct competition with our brand e.g. any brand that does swimwear, tri wear, cyclewear.
  • We will be providing you with social media tiles. These will include:
    • New releases
    • Athlete 2023
    • Sales

Social media ideas

 Out training  Swim set (pre or post)
Bike coffee Race Photo
Matching with your mini Flat lay of new gear


- follow some trending reel accounts for ideas 

- we will also send an idea a month


- choose your race day outfit


Scenic with accessories 

(bottle, socks, hat)

Feature your collection 

- Addiction?


  • How do I return an item? Click here
  • My code isn’t working, what do I do?
    • Are you logged in? your code is tied to your email address
    • Are you logged in with the email address you signed up to be an athlete with? 
    • Still having trouble? Email
  • Can I use my code for friends?
    • No, we give you a 10% discount for friends and family, please share this code around, but do not use your personal code to buy for others.
  • I am trying to post on social media but all I’m doing is posting selfies or my training. How can I help you more?
    • We will be distributing social media tiles for you to use on your story or to post when we have something coming up (e.g. new collection, sale event, etc.)
    • Scenic picture with a Catfish accessory is a subtle way to promote differently
    • Share our posts on your story
  • How do i access partner brands? i.e. Kask Helmets, Koo Eyewear, 
    • Access Kask Helmet: Click here 
    • Access KOO Eyewear: Click here 
    • Sram: Email with the specific product you are after
  • I forgot to apply my discount. What do I do?
    • Unfortunately once you have placed the order we cannot change it.
    • If there is a technical issue, let us know and we will fix it BEFORE you place the order. 
  • I want to get my club into Catfish Kit. How do I do this? 
    • Pass on the email so they can speak directly to us. 



  • Who is my regional captain? Click here
    • How do I become a regional captain? Our application for regional captains for 2023 is closed so be sure to apply next year
    • My region doesn’t have a captain? The world is a big place, as much as we try our best to make sure each athlete has a captain in their region, whether it’s in Australia, USA or somewhere else in the world, there may be a few of you who don’t have anyone close. If this is the case, join the closest region to you



    As well as our retail gear we also supply a number of clubs, events, corporates, and teams with club kit. We’d love your help to get us in front of your club. If you get us across the line and the order is over $1500, we will give you $250 catfish credit as a thank you!

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