Pascalles Perfect 3km Build Swim set

Why I love this swim set:

Swimming is so mental. I love even numbered swim sets because it makes sense in my head. BUT… knowing you are into the 3rd 100m and you only have 2 to go makes you work that little bit harder.

Key Notes:

  • 2.5km of work with an easy warm up & cool down
  • Building into speed as the set goes on
  • A good swim where you get out and you know you worked but it was ‘enjoyable’


Warm up: 300m easy 

Main set: 5 x 5 x 100m 

Set 1: 5 x 100m at 70% RPE 10 sec rest (3/5 breathing)

Set 2: 5 x 100m Paddles 80% 15 sec rest

Set 3: 5 x 100m 70% 10 sec rest (3/5 breathing)

Set 4: 5 x 100m Paddles 80% 15 sec rest

Set 5: 5 x 100m 50 MAX/50 Easy 20 sec rest

Cool down: 200m easy



RPE = Rate of perceived effort - this is how hard you should be going

3/5 breathing = breath every 3 strokes on the way down and every 5 strokes on the return lap 

 Pascalles' go-to swim gear: 

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