Choosing the Right Team Swimsuits and Where to Find Custom Made Swimwear Online in Australia

If you’re involved in competitive swimming, you know the importance of having all the right gear – especially your swimsuit. The swimsuit you wear on the beach or at the pool for leisure may not be suitable for team or fitness swimming; competitive swimwear must fit more criteria than merely “looks cute.” There are many styles and materials available in swimwear, so swimmers of all ages and sizes can find the perfect fitness and competitive custom swimwear online in Australia. When choosing a swimsuit for yourself or a team, keep the following tips in mind.

Avoid zippers, pockets, rhinestones, and any other decorative features

When buying competitive swimwear, avoid choosing suits with embellishments such as zippers, pockets, sequins, rhinestones, and so on. These features can scratch you or someone else or get caught on things, possibly causing an unwanted “wardrobe malfunction.” Pockets can billow out and fill with water, producing drag. Also, these swimsuits are designed mainly for leisure activities, and chlorine, sun exposure, and athletic motion can damage them quickly.

Choose properly-fitting suits designed for swim practice

Loose-fitting swimsuits can become stretched out and become even looser over time, making them a poor investment. You need a close-fitting, supportive swimsuit for optimal comfort and performance. Also, keep in mind that triathlon gear was designed for shorter swims in open water, and these suits may absorb water, causing chafing, and wear out sooner in practice conditions. Save triathlon gear for multisport training and choose a proper athletic swimsuit for practice instead.

Look for opaque swimsuits

Make sure that the swimsuit you choose will not become translucent when wet. Swimwear should be darker in colour and, ideally, lined for a more extended lifespan. You can always add layers as appropriate to an older or see-through swimsuit you can’t bear to let go.

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With our head office in the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Catfish Athlete Apparel is now a thriving online business and custom sports apparel service providing team swimwear along with activewear, cycling kits, paddle shirts, board shorts, and more. Our goal is simple: to provide Australia’s athletes with high-quality, great-looking apparel. When you work with us, we’ll focus on listening and understanding your specific needs and the needs of your club, school, or company. Then, we make it as easy as possible to order through one avenue, saving you time and hassle. Our in-house graphic designer can work with many team design options to ensure that you receive precisely what you need. Contact Catfish Athlete Apparel today to learn more about our options and our high-quality, performance-focused sportswear.

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