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Zwift favourite Routes

Zwift favourite Routes

Riding outside isn't always possible whether you're balancing family life, it's wet, you want to be safe or you just need to get a solid set of intervals done, it's such a great tool. 

Thanks for online platforms like Zwift it's a whole lot more interesting than it used to be. Here's one of our Athlete's Sam Menteith's favourite Zwift routes. 

"Have you ever dreamt of riding in the through the French Alps on a sun-kissed summer day? Picture this: conquering 21 heart pounding hairpin turns while ascending more than 1100m in elevation up the legendary Alpe d’Huez. Oh how awesome would that be! Sadly, if you are like me with a mortgage and an ever expanding triathlon kit, then let me introduce the next best option! Sure the scenery isn’t quite breathtaking (literally) or the rush of adrenaline might not be quite the same when you descend, but you certainly get one hell of a work out! My favourite route on Zwift for a good climbing session is hands down Road to Sky which includes their version of Alpe d’Huez, aptly named Alpe du Zwift. With 21 hairpin turns and a total elevation gain of over 1000m over 12kms, this climb will not only leave you breathless but will provide you with a sense of accomplishment, once you have peeled yourself off your bars and soaked up your sweaty brow.

Now, my second favourite Zwift route, my go-to choice when the coach schedules power-based intervals: Tempus Fugit. This flat, fast route is perfect for those tailored sessions with prescribed power intervals. It’s the ideal route for maintaining your aero position on the TT or for conquering the dreaded FTP session. But the brilliance of Zwift doesn’t end there. During my recent preparations for Ironman Cairns, I actually use the ‘extended’ version of this route, Sand and Sequoias. This dinosaur filled route provides the perfect mix of rolling hills and flat stretches which was ideal when emulating the Ironman Cairns course. Also, placing a KOM/QOM effort half way through will ignite your competitive spirit within you on each lap." 


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