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The Quick 1 K

The Quick 1 K

Short on time but want to smash out 1km in-between your busy schedule? This is the perfect feel good set that will make you feel revived. With a mix of strokes, pace, breath work and pace, time will fly by.  

10 x 100m. 10-15 sec rest. 

  1. Easy 
  2. Build over the 100m 
  3. Medley
  4. 3/5/7/9 breathing (change each lap)
  5. 25m kick; 25m catch up; 25m 5 stroke breathing; 25m limited breathing
  6. Build over 50m x 2
  7. Medley 
  8. 80%
  9. 25m hard; 25m easy x 2
  10. Easy 

 Total: 1km 

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