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8 reasons to get a new club uniform

8 reasons to get a new club uniform

We've heard it before "we've got a uniform, why do we need a new one?". Great question! After over 20 years experience working with clubs just like yours, we've got 8 reasons why you should bite the bullet and get a new club uniform. 

  1. Renews excitement 
    There is nothing like new kit day, and that goes for club kit as well! A new club kit can renew excitement and motivation for your members. 

  2. Showcase your club's personality 
    Every club is different, you have your own unique vibe so showcase it! We work with you to design truly customised designs - we don't draw from a catalogue of templates. 

  3. Make your club attractive to new members 
    Nothing like a bit of FOMO to get new members. Let's make your new kit so great that people join your club for the uniform and stay for the community you have built

  4. Define your club image  
    and make it amazing! This is your chance to step away from the templated designs where every club looks the same and define your club and what you stand for. Our team of designers work with you to design to your club requirements and brief. 

  5. Sense of belonging for your members 
    It's been a tough couple of years for community sport, more than ever people want to be part of something. A team uniform creates a sense of belonging for your members. 

  6. Identify your tribe 
    Whether your team is localised or spread all around the country (or world!) there is something special about seeing someone who you may not even know representing your team. It's a conversation starter and brings people closer. Get your team behind it. 

  7. Professionalism on tour and on the podium 
    There is nothing more powerful than a well dressed team rocking up on race day. Don't miss out on the podium photos with your top athletes representing your club. A top tier club uniform does wonders for a sense of pride and purpose for your team. 

  8. Easy to spot when racing 
    Don't miss a cheer again! Getting missed by the support crew is so disappointing. Whether you're looking for hi fives on course or great team photos a comprehensive new kit makes your team easy to spot. 


Are you ready to get started? Get in touch with us today, email - let us know your club and your sport and we can send you some more information about next steps! 

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