Why Triathlon Prep Includes Finding Women’s Tri Suits in Australia or Online

Prep for a triathlon is a massive undertaking. Whether it’s your tenth undertaking or you’re starting from scratch, there is a lot to do in preparation for the big day. It’s only practical that most athletes’ schedules would be filled to the brim with running, swim practice, and an appropriate amount of time cycling to get ready for the event. However, there is one essential part of triathlon prep that we urge you not to forget.

The right women’s tri suit can make a big difference on the day you compete. Even a little bit of discomfort at the outset of a triathlon can turn into a game breaker just halfway through. It is more than worth the time spent to browse tri suits online and elsewhere in Australia.

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Essential Tips for Finding a Women’s Triathlon Suit

Perhaps the first thing to bear in mind when shopping for a women’s triathlon suit is the water temp of the triathlon you have planned. In colder water, you will likely be wearing the tri suit beneath a wetsuit to help keep you warm so you can maintain peak performance.

However, as is often the case in Australia, many triathlons take place in warm water conditions where a wetsuit isn’t necessary. Here, you want to be sure to get a tri suit that will help you quickly transition into and out of the water. Quick drying materials that cling close to the body are ideal when shopping for tri suits in Australia because it is unlikely you’ll need a wetsuit for the swimming portion of the event.

After deciding on the material, the next step is to think about the style and cut of the tri suit. Unlike the fabric, this doesn’t have to be tailored to the event so much as it needs tailoring to your body type.

Some will opt for a full tri suit. Others will opt for a pair of quality tri shorts that give them the support they need while providing freedom throughout the chest and arms. A full women’s tri suit with a zip tends to be a good idea if you are larger chested or want to be sure that you are completely covered for the entirety of the race and do not need additional coverage.

Don’t Forget Fab Style Options

It almost goes without saying that form and function should take priority over style when choosing tri suits online. However, that doesn’t mean that you can spend a little extra time finding the tri suit that best suits you and shows off your personality on the day of the event.

For the girls, we suggest scoping out brands that truly understand women and their needs as athletes. That way you can look as great as you feel, whether you want an edgy and cool look or something a bit more flirty and feminine.

Shopping for Tri Suits and More with Catfish Designs

As you shop for triathlon suits, you are likely to come across many brands with a range of offerings. At Catfish Designs, our core message is centred on providing pro level gear for athletes whether they need a tri suit, swimwear, or anything else to keep them ahead of the game. Check out what we have in stock or contact us for even more options.

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