What to Wear in a Triathlon and Where to Find Mens and Womens Athletic Clothing Online

If you’re training for a triathlon, you may already be thinking about what you’ll wear during the event. What will feel the most comfortable and help you perform your best? No one single solution 's right for everyone; people wear different combinations of clothing in triathlons. However, there are a few star players when it comes to the very best triathlon gear.

Triathlon Suits

Most high-end competitive athletes wear triathlon suits for these events. A triathlon suit offers one-piece, all-purpose convenience; you can wear it from the beginning of the race to the end. Good suits are explicitly designed for triathlons. They can be worn in the water, either under a wetsuit or alone, and it will dry quickly so that by the time you make it to your bike, you’ll be dry enough to avoid chafing. It also removes the problem of having to add or subtract clothing during the race, saving you precious seconds. If you do choose to purchase a triathlon suit, you should be sure to train in it a few times before the race to get familiar with how it feels; however, you’ll probably want to prepare mostly in regular workout clothes to protect your investment for the main event.

Triathlon Shorts

If you do not choose to invest in a triathlon suit, you will want to buy some good triathlon shorts instead. These shorts look like bicycle shorts, but they have a few key differences. First, they are designed to dry faster, and the pad is typically thinner and lighter so that you do not have to sit on a sopping wet pad when you get on the bike. Triathlon shorts come in different colours, lengths, and price ranges. Remember to invest in quality, and protect your investment by not wearing them in swimming pools with chlorine, which will considerably shorten their lifespan.

Triathlon Tops

Once you decide on shorts, your next decision will be what to wear on top. This is where men and women have different options. Either gender can choose to wear a triathlon-specific top, also known as a singlet. Singlets are comfortable and lightweight, and there are options to suit many styles and budgets. Women may also choose to wear a support top, similar to a training bra or swimsuit top. They may decide to wear just this for the entirety of the race, or they may add a shirt once out of the water.

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