Kit Out Your Sports Team with Custom Sports Uniforms Available Online at Wholesale Prices

The thrill of competing as a team is the same no matter the sport, from football to swimming to rugby and beyond — and it gets the adrenaline pumping every single time. When you practice, and play together, your team becomes like a family; you depend on each other on the field and support one another after games, too, as you work to become better. A big part of fostering that sense of unity and group identity lies in having a team kit that everyone can wear. Not only are uniforms required by some clubs as a part of the competition, but it's also a sound investment on its own. Having teamsportsuniforms to call your own is not just an exciting way to state your presence when it also yields a more cohesive team atmosphere.

Matching your needs to your budget while also satisfying your desire for something that looks awesome is a challenge at first. As you browse the sportsuniforms available at wholesale rates, you might not feel the impact you want from any of the choices. At Catfish Athlete Apparel, we know that feeling all too well — and it's why we work so hard to create innovative and exciting designs for our clients. When you want to take the step up to customteamuniforms, we can help.

Finding the right custom team uniforms

What kind of idea do you have? Is it evident and defined, or do you just know that you want something that will represent your team well? Don't worry — you don't need to be a graphic designer to be able to purchase wholesalecustomuniforms from Catfish Athlete Apparel. We have our very own designer we make available to hammer out all the details and specifics with you. If your ideas feel murky, our designer will help bring clarity to them through three rounds of art at no charge to you. By the end of this creative conversation, you should have a final design you'll be excited to approve.

It's always good to have backups and spares — uniforms get lost, damaged, or forgotten all the time. Keep this in mind when considering our reasonable minimums; most sportsapparel comes with a 20-unit minimum order, though some products require an initial wholesale order of 40 units. This is the perfect option for corporate teams and medium to large-sized clubs. For smaller runs, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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With supportive staff available to answer your questions at any point in the process, designing and purchasing customs sports uniforms online couldn't be easier. After receipt of your deposit, manufacturing can commence and will typically take between 4 to 8 weeks — but trust us, the wait will be worth it when your team-mates don their new uniforms for the very first time!

Questions? Give us a ring on 02 9999 4993 for friendly assistance. Ready to start right now? Send us some information on our quote form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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