Catfish Athlete Application Form 2021

Athlete Applications CLOSED for 2021-22 

Want to join a community of athletes who share a passion for sport, fun and supporting each other?

Although some of Australia’s top athletes wear Catfish Designs clothing to help maximise their performance in international competition, we believe that passion and love for sport isn’t just restricted to the world’s best. That’s why we want athletes of all levels – from beginners to pros - to experience our range of sports apparel as a Catfish Athlete. 

It important to us that you are a person who loves our product and will represent us well in your community. Podiums and winning isn't what drives us, it's great people. 

Here's a few things we're looking for in our ambassadors

Passion Content Creation  Community

Athletes who are passionate about sport and who want to share that passion.

We’re looking to find athletes who are on a journey they want others to be a part of, whether that’s a path to better fitness, travelling the world through sport, or even becoming a better version of yourself.

Ideally our athletes will want to create beautiful and engaging content for social media. We are always looking for great content to share our products and the story of our athletes.  

Maybe you are a wordsmith, maybe you can take a great photo while riding one handed on a bike, or are nifty with a GoPro.  

We want to be more than a company just giving away free/cheap stuff. We want to create a community of athletes who support each other, connect with each other and share knowledge. 

We will be looking for people to play some key roles in building that community - that might be as a conversation starter on Private Facebook Group or it might be organising meet ups at events. 



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