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Athlete Spotlight - Laura Ferrier

Athlete Spotlight - Laura Ferrier

Meet Laura, a 38 year young psychologist and long distance runner. When she is not our running trails in the middle of nowhere, she is doing 'walk and talk' therapy session with her clients.

We caught up with her to get to know her a bit better, and to pick her brain about how to start motivated when events keep getting cancelled.


1. To start us off, what is a fun fact about you?

 My laugh sounds like a cross between Eddie Murphy and a seal.


2. What sport do you do?

I love to run! I have been running on and off since my uni days, however in about 2016 I started to run consistently and entered my first half marathon to raise funds for The Stillbirth Foundation. In the same year I completed my first marathon and just kept building from there, having now even been silly enough to complete a couple of ultra marathons. A few years back I crossed over into trail running as I love the adventures this takes me on and have discovered that my true happy place is running in the middle of nowhere for hours on end.


3. Tell us about how and why you got into Psychology

I got interested in Psychology when I was just a kid and would read my older brother’s true crime books. I was fascinated by what made these people tick. However what has kept me in Psychology is being able to go to work and genuinely know that I have gained a deep level of trust with another individual and have made a difference in their life. Working both in private practice and the disability sector I love the variety of individuals I get to meet. It’s a privileged position to be in when you are allowed into someone’s world, when they’re at their most vulnerable and are looked towards for compassion and help.


4. What advice would you give athletes at this time (dealing with cancelled events, uncertainty, etc.)?

With so many events cancelled and such a feeling of uncertainty around so many future events, get back to your why and set small goals (do yourself a favour and google SMART goals!). For me, I got into running for my physical and mental health. So over the past 18 or so months I stripped my running back to focusing on what my body needed that day or week, and how I was feeling emotionally. This allowed me to remain motivated but also take the pressure off in regards to pace and distance, and just really tune into my body and mind.


5. A helpful tip that you find yourself giving often to your clients?

Honestly the most common factor I focus on with my clients is their self-care. So often I find that people’s lives get busy and self-care is the first thing that goes out the window. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. Self-care encompasses sleep, nutrition, social connection and meaningful activities etc. For me self-care often looks like running, catching up with friends and family, escaping the city to go camping, napping and eating a delicious serve of smashed avo! If you can prioritise this and gain a level of balance in your life, you’ll find that your body and mind will thank you in spades!

6. How did you find Catfish Designs?

I came across Catfish Designs after admiring the shorts my friend was wearing. My husband bought me a pair of Catfish shorts for Christmas (blue leopard print!) and it’s become my favourite brand of activewear! On point fit, the most fun and unique prints, beautiful quality and awesome functionality!

7. Your favourite Catfish product

It would definitely have to be my Fire Fly mid-thigh shorts and matching crop. Photos of this print just don’t do it justice. I reminds me of the Great Barrier Reef and I just love how summery and great I feel in it!

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