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Athlete Spotlight - Kathy Penver

Athlete Spotlight - Kathy Penver

New year, new goals. Catfish Athlete Kathy is doing 12 monthly challenges to raise awareness and money for 12 different charities.

Every year people try to think of great new years resolutions that will they will be able to continue for the whole year. What has inspired your 2023 new year’s resolution and what is it? 

I like to start each new year with a personal and a professional goal. For quite a few years my personal goals have focused on triathlon, but for different reasons I’ve chosen to walk away from racing and focus on general health and well-being, both emotionally and physically. I had decided that in 2023 I wanted to do some fundraising or volunteering. A friend and I were out mountain biking when she told me about her idea to do 12 different challenges over 12 months for 12 charities, and asked if it was something I’d be interested in. Being a ‘goals’ person, I loved the idea. We talked through the different charities and challenges and now here we are half way through challenge


Do you have a specific charity focus, or are you trying to share the love and raise money for different charities with different causes?

We are sharing the love this year. It’s not just about raising money but also raising awareness. As we go we’ll have people jumping on and off challenges with us which will also help our cause.

What do you think the hardest challenge will be?

So far this first challenge has been the hardest - 50 squats / 50 lunges / 50 sit ups / 50 push-ups everyday for 25 days. This challenge is kickstarting me back into my strength training after being a cardio fiend for a couple of years. I’m looking forward to the swim challenges (2 of those in the year) as it’s one of my favourite things to do. There are a few months where we have no challenge so we’re going to choose a charity and create our own challenge. We’ll also put it out to our friends to set us challenges (if we’re brave enough!).


As a community we would love to follow your challenge, do you have a page where you will be posting what your challenges are each month?

I have a Facebook page that everyone can follow along here. It will have updates on what challenges we are doing each month. 


What are your proposed challenges for the first few months on 2023?

  1. January - The Workout Challenge - stop human trafficking in Nepal and Phillipines
  2. February - Supe rswim Challenge. - Starlight Foundation (helping sick kids)
  3. March - March On (run/walk 96km) - Soldier On (Veteran’s Mental Health) 


Be sure to follow along with Kathy's 2023 challenge and join in! 


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