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Silicone Swim Cap


This silicone swim cap is designed to create a smooth, sleek outline in the water. It comes seamed for superior comfort and fit. Provides protection for your hair and head from cooler water temperatures and keeps hair in place.

MOQ 50 units for silicone swim caps. We have included a range of designs we have done previously, get in touch with your club logo for an accurate quote. 

Minimum Orders
These items have a minimum order of 50 units.
Product information

Not sure what size you are? It's very important to us that you get in the right size. No one wins if you end up with something too big or too small. Here is a helpful size chart for you. All measurements are in centimetres (cm) or kilograms (kg) unless specified. Unisex sizing is based on men's sizing where a garment is designated as Unisex.

Women's Size Guide
Size XXS/W6 XS/W8 S/W10 M/W12 L/W14 XL/W16 2XL/W18
Height 140-155 150-165 155-166 165-178 165-177 175-185 180-190
Weight 40-50 45-55 48-61 57-70 63-92 75-95 85-105
Chest 65-75 75-85 78-90 82-94 90-107 100-110 105-120
Waist 45-55 55-65 3-78 67-80 80-100 80-85 95-110

Unisex & Men's Size Guide
Height 147-161 155-170 165-178 172-187 175-193 180-198 185-204
Weight 51-65 64-68 57-71 70-83 81-100 84-103 86-106
Chest 76-86 80-90 83-96 92-104 100-115 103-118 106-121
Waist 64-76 67-80 70-84 80-92 87-104 89-107 101-110

Kid's Sizing
Size 4 6 8 10 12 14
Height 105-115 115-125 125-135 135-145 145-155 155-165
Chest 52-55 55-57 57-59 59-61 61-63 63-65
Waist 45-48 48-51 51-53 54-57 57-60 60-63

We strongly recommend club's get samples as items are custom made so cannot be returned or refunded if you got the wrong size. We can facilitate exchanges if we host a club room, only if the item you wish to exchange is in stock.

Still not sure? You can email us and we’ll be happy to help you out or  you can book in a 15 minute phone size consult.

NOTE: this is a general guide. If this information is different to the information on a particular product you are looking at, use the information from the particular product you want to purchase. Also note any size notes on the specific item you are looking at. 

Lead time for custom sublimated items is 6-8 weeks. Lead time is calculated from when the Production Order is approved and Invoice paid.

If you need an order for a specific date, please let us know as soon as possible so we can do what we can to accommodate this.

If you need your order under 6 weeks, get in touch and we can work with you on how we can best do this, express fees may apply. 

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