Choosing a Swim Jacket and Where to Buy Custom Athletic Apparel Online in Australia

If you are involved in competitive swimming or are about to begin, you may be surprised to find that your most valued piece of gear is one that never goes in the water. Swim jackets are designed to keep you warm when you aren’t swimming. These jackets are long with warm liners, generous hoods, and waterproof exteriors. These various components all play their parts in keeping you comfortable when you’re out of the water.


Most swim jackets come with a fleece or faux fur lining. You’ll be putting on your jacket when you’re just out of the pool and still wet, so the best option is a fleece lining, which is absorbent, comfy, and quick-drying. Faux fur tends to feel a bit scratchier and is best suited for spectators and coaches who will wear their jackets dry.


Swim jackets typically come with two pockets, one on each side, although some models may have many more, such as goggle storage and inner pockets. Pockets give you a safe place to carry your phone or other items you want to keep nearby. If the pockets have zipper or Velcro closures, they will be even more secure.


Swimmers are generally part of a team, and most teams have uniform colours or logos. Swim jackets can usually be purchased in standard colours such as blue and black. However, if you need a specific colour or custom embroidery, look for a company that provides custom athletic apparel online in Australia, such as Catfish Athlete Apparel.


It’s important for a swim jacket to keep you comfortably warm without making you feelhot. Many jackets are designed with underarm vents, back flaps, or other features that allow for optimal air circulation. If you are concerned about overheating, look for swim jackets with these features.


Your swim jacket will quickly become one of your most useful pieces of gear. It performs many functions, including those of a jacket, blanket, uniform, and gear storage. It’s durability and design allow it to go from outerwear to blanket to tent in seconds. Whether you choose a basic model or a more complex one, you’ll be glad for its warmth and comfort when you’re between swims or spectating.

Where to Find Athletic Apparel in Australia

At Catfish Athlete Apparel, we make it easy to buy athletic apparel online. We believe that all athletic apparel should be functional first, helping you perform your best and achieve your goals. That’s why we design and create high-quality, sensibly-priced swimwear and sportswear for male and female athletes in a range of sports. However, we also believe that you should look and feel great while competing, so we offer athletic apparel in a variety of styles and colours to suit different tastes and preferences. We also have extensive experience providing custom apparel for teams. When you’re ready to buy your new swim jacket or any other athletic clothing you need, let Catfish Athlete Apparel be your go-to source.

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