G.O.A.T Men's Collection

G.O.A.T Men's Collection


      Some things are forever, and it’s not just diamonds. The men’s collection takes inspiration from timeless classics. Whether it is the time that Ford won the 24hrs of LeMans four years running from 1966 to 69, including a 1-2-3 finish in ’66, in the all-conquering GT40. Maybe it’s the distinct sound of Van Halen’s hand built and hand painted Frankenstrat blasting forth the screaming Eruption guitar solo from their first album Van Halen. Just as easily, it is the first memory of playing with toys in the sandpit and pushing the handed down Tonka around, in your own personal construction site. There is a fair chance this same toy is still being pushed around a sandpit or playground years later and kicking off a lifetime obsession with oversized construction equipment.

      It doesn’t matter what the inspiration, they are all the peak of their category, and the heart of our Catfish men’s collection. The pinnacle of performance. The pinnacle of talent. The pinnacle of fun

      Welcome to the Catfish G.O.A.T range – Greatest of all time.

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