We’re so proud to bring you the 2023 catfish athlete kit. This kit celebrates the beauty in the juggle, the chaos, and the community we have.

      Life can be chaotic, balancing work, family, friends and your sporting goals, if it was easy, everyone would do it! This print celebrates this chaos and how the community can help bring clarity to the everyday chaos. The community is at the heart of the program, we are all here to lift each other up, share our successes and our learnings. #igniteyourpassion.

      This is all pre-order and this will be the only order we will do. Allow minimum 6 weeks for this to be sent out for delivery.

      Don't forget that you also have access to exclusive pricing on items from our partners - KASK Helmets, KOO Eyewear. If you're after anything from SRAM, ZIPP & Quarq please email hello@catfishdesigns.com.au with what you're interested in and we will arrange that with you.  

      Catfish Crew

      Carins IM 2022

      The Catfish Crew are a world wide community of Athletes, supporting each other at events, in training and in life, regardless of the finish times.