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IN FOCUS - Tri Shorts

IN FOCUS - Tri Shorts

The most used item in our tri training wardrobe is the humble tri short. This super versatile, unbelievably comfy short is worth trying if you don’t already have a wardrobe full of them.

So what can you use tri shorts for?

  • Long runs
    • With a super thin chamois, you can (and are encouraged to) go commando in these shorts. This means less layers and opportunity for chaffing (and less washing!). With a mesh pocket in the back, you can fit your phone, nutrition and keys (we’ve tried and tested!)
  • Trainer sets
    • The more obvious application, these shorts are great on the trainer, as you’re rarely wearing a jersey on the sweat fest that is the trainer, and less layers up top is always a win. The chamois is designed and recommended up to 70.3 distance and we have had many customers wear them in ironman racing so they are a great option for the trainer.
  • Brick sessions
    • Got a run off the bike and are too sweaty to change but it’s too awkward and uncomfortable to wear your full bib &brace with a cycle chamois running? The answer, tri shorts! Throw on a singlet (or not) and head out on your run with seamless transitions.
  • Bike rides
    • As per the trainer sets, these shorts are made to be comfy over hours on the bike. These are a great option for an easy toilet stop with no bib & brace. As the chamois is designed for a TT position, you will be comfy all day in these shorts on the TT bike. A great alternative to cycle shorts (which we also have if you prefer more padding).
  • Swim/run’s
    • The increasing popularity of swim/run racing, these shorts are perfect to pair with a swimsuit or crop top for swim run racing (and training). As they have a mesh pocket you can stash nutrition for on the go, without sacrificing speed in the water.
  • Racing
    • Of course, you can race in these shorts as well. Pair with one of our tri tops for race day, or pair with a crop, cycle jersey and run singlet for ultimate comfort.


We offer free returns, so if you get a pair and the size isn’t quite right, we can send you a label to send it back to us. Give them a try, we promise you won’t regret it. 

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