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Cairns Part 2 - Training for Cairns IM

Cairns Part 2 - Training for Cairns IM

With Cairns Ironman fast approaching, we wanted to get a little insight of how the training is going for our athletes preparing for the race. Catfish athlete and mother of 2 Ali Bethune is juggling training hard while supporting and encouraging her sporty family. 


How has training been going?

Training for a 70.3 can be a juggle in itself let alone trying to squeeze it all in with sporty kids and a husband who is Vice President for our local AFL club.

With us both working in high demanding management roles, Mr T who is in year 11, works part time on weekends and Mr R in year 8 we manage to get it all done.  My training in a week will consist of 2-3 swims, 3 bike, 3 runs and 2 sessions of strength training.


What is your daily routine? 

Each day the alarm is set for 4.20am some days a little earlier.  On a Sunday and as it’s getting a little cooler, I let the body clock wake me ... hmm some days that is still 4.20am. 

A typical day looks like:

4.20am - alarm goes off

4:45am - on the bike for a 90 min session. Some days a quick run off the bike.

7:45am - Everyone’s up and out the door, making sure we all have our gear for the day and training gear for the afternoon

School and work finishes - boys head to AFL training. Between pick up and drop offs to AFL training, I get a run in before picking everyone up and heading home for the night.

Then we get to do it all again the next day – 4.20am alarm and repeat – never a dull moment


Does the weekends look any different? 

Saturday’s are a day full of sport with my rides starting anywhere between 4.30 and 5.00am so I can get to Mr R’s game by 9am, then Mr T’s game and then Hubby and sometimes Mr T will play the next game.


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