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Athlete Spotlight - Joanne Lum

Athlete Spotlight - Joanne Lum

Meet Jo Lum. A wife and mother of 2 teen girls. A plant lady. A run coach. The Vice President of the Hills Tri Club. A 4 x full ironman finisher (plus a DIY one during lockdown). 4th year as Catfish Ambassador.

Motto for the year: Fitness with fun, go with the flo, be spontaneous, just do what makes me happy. Hello coffee rides!

Jo and her husband operate an indoor plant hire & service business. With Covid and lockdown seeing the return of home office plant fit outs, and lets be real, the obsession with indoor plants, Jo has kindly shared her 3 favourite, easy to keep alive indoor plant.


The Zanzibar

  • Will survive okay in dim/dark/limited natural light. 
  • Requires once a month water for a Zanzibar in an 8" pot and 40-50cm stem height, around 500ml. 
  • Pro tip: cut the stems, and place in a flower vase.  They will last for months, no need to change water unless it becomes murky and unsightly but otherwise, the stems will eventually shoot with roots, and you can transfer to a pot, otherwise just top the water up occasionally and enjoy the plant in water. 


The Happy Plant (Dracena Green Happy plant)

  • A hardy plant with its bare woody stems and arched green leaves
  • Slow water drinker and likes a water directly into the crowns. 
  • Once a month watering is general rule. 


The Thai Aglaonema or "lucky plant'

  • Definitely one of my favs. It's PINK!  It requires very little watering. Will be fine in medium natural light.  
  • The #1 mistake most people make is watering too frequently.  If you can check with a stick, or use you finger, the soil should be “sandy dry”
  • Regular pruning of yellow leaves, and from the bottom around the stems to allow light in is another recommendation. 


All our plants in our Frenchams Indoor plant jobs come from this purpose built nursery in Qld. You won’t get better quality and there is plenty of plant tip info there. For more tips, and all your home plant shopping:


Instagram: @thegrowcentre 



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