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Athlete Spotlight - Dominique Collins

Athlete Spotlight - Dominique Collins

Dom, or Stixy, has been an athlete for many years now. When she is not juggling mum and training life, you will find her creating absolute magic through digital design. We have some amazing collabs arriving within the next year so we thought everyone should get to know the face behind 'Stixylin'. 

How did you get into drawing and art? 

I have been drawing ever since I can remember. I think the moment I could hold a pencil I started drawing and loved colouring in. I would draw whatever brought me inspiration at the time, a lot of my art when I was a kid was not great and landed up being hidden or lost. I actually lost the passion for drawing and stopped for a number of years. It was only when I became an adult that I started to enjoy art anew, I got into art again shortly after moving out of home, I began to draw more frequently and even tested new mediums of painting styles I never thought I would try. This is when I decided to head back to Uni and start Digital Design and fell in love with creating art digitally. Creating digitally opened a new love for drawing as I could take my art with me everywhere I went with minimal materials.

When did you decide it would become your career?

I have always wanted to create art for living. I have drawn and painted some of the artworks in mine and my family's house. I had to think about this question, because if I had to pinpoint the first time I thought it was possible to create art for a living, it has to be last year, May/June. However, I had been thinking about it nonstop after creating my very own custom trisuit with the help of Lana of course (about 3 years ago)! :)

Where do you find your inspiration?

There is an abundance of inspiration everywhere. I draw inspiration from my long slow runs, walks with the kids, spending time with family and sitting with a cup of tea in my backyard, nature in Australia is amazing. Just to name a few inspiring moments... We have beautiful Galahs and white Cockatoos visit us everyday to eat the seed pods off the wattle trees. When visiting my Family in Boyne Island I get to watch the Black Cockatoos in the trees by the beach. While walking through Boondall Wetland I get to be immersed with native plants and marsupials. Slow down and take in all the inspiration around you next time you go out.  

Anything you would tell your younger self?

What would I tell my younger self? I would tell her to believe in herself and never stop believing and to keep working on her dreams no matter how big or small. I would as well tell her to not worry as everything will turn out how it's supposed to. 

What is your favourite design you have done and why?

Oh this is a hard one, it's like asking me which child I love the most...haha. I will have to give three (which are shown throughout) and you can decide which ones you like the most. Dwarf Leatherwood Pattern, Black Cockatoos with Banksia's Pattern and the Australian Native Ditsy Pattern. I love all these designs, the way they flow, fit together and how the bright pops of colour compliment the lighter and darker elements. They are also the designs where the inspiration was found while spending time with family, giving me a bit more of an emotional attachment to these beautiful designs.

As a brand, we love your work and really see similarities in what prints we love to what you do. When you became an athlete years ago, what was your main pull to the brand?

I love your brand and the values associated with Catfish. One of the main pulls was seeing the Catfish Popup at a triathlon expo (a number of years ago now). The gear looked amazing and had geat pops of colour, however I missed buying anything at that expo, as I left it to the last minute. It was not long after this that I started following Catfish on Insta and had my second pull to the brand. This is when I saw real people wearing their gear and training together and I knew instantly that I wanted to become an athlete with the Catfish and be a part of their community. 


Keep your eyes peeled for Stixylin x LAB coming to you in 2024! 
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